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COSPLAY showcase announcements

Sabrina Barrett-Patey, also known as BreeBee Cosplay, has only been cosplaying a little over a year, but has been bitten by the bug and fallen in love. A lover of all things geek, her favourite pastime is replaying DragonAge and building a cosplay she may never finish! Sabrina hopes to really bring the cosplay community together in Saint John with Impossible Realities, and believes that cosplay is for everyone. Feel free to say Hello, get selfies and talk Star Trek with her on March 10th at March to Oblivion.

Get Creative with LacyLola
Lola Gordon, from Get Creative with LacyLola, has been a crafty costume maker all her life. From obsessing about Halloween when young to making costumes for drama productions during her education, it was a natural step to obsessing over cosplay! She only really started in 2017 but has jumped in full force. Lola uses cosplay to connect with others while escaping the drudgery of daily life, and is passionate about inclusion and kindness. Always ready to help with advice on crafty and creative questions, Lola hopes to build a strong community within her home town of Saint John, NB.

March To Oblivion AND Catan Canadian Championship Qualifier, March 10, 2018


Impossible Realities will be hosting a Catan Canadian Championship Qualifier event during our March to Oblivion gaming day (March 10, 2018) where the winner will be invited to go to the Catan Canadian Championship will be held in Toronto at Fan Expo 2018 during the Labour Day weekend.

Later in the year, we will be repeating this again at our September main event the weekend after Labour Day (September 8-10) to qualify for the Catan Canadian Championship held during Toronto’s Fan Expo 2019.

From there, the Canadian Catan winner will go on to play at the Catan World Championship in Germany!

For more details, go to…/catan-world-champions…/canada/

Inquiries are already coming in so let us know you’re coming!


IR16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void Play-to-Win winners are…

The Impossible Realities 16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void Play to Win victors are:

Emergence by Stonemaier Games: Winner = Greg Sommerville

Patchworks (for two) – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Michael Evans

Camel Cup – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Susan Charchck*

Terror of Meeple City – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner =Kevin Gillette

Pandemic Cthulhu – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Brian Greenlaw

Boss Monster w / expansions – Brotherwise Games: Winner = Patrick Smith

Cranium – Dana Betts: Winner = Amanda Evans

Pairs – CheapAss Games: Winner = Lessa Thornton*

Give me the Brain – CheapAss Games: Winner = Tai Mitchell*

Lord of the Fries – CheapAss Games: Winner = Melissa Thornton*

Kill Doctor Lucky – CheapAss Games: Winner = Mike Wilcott

* = these prizes will be delivered to Heroes’ Beacon for pick up at your convenience. If other arrangements are preferred, please contact us.