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Our next cosplay announcement for IR17: Adrift in the Aetherium – Lanthea Cosplay / Erica Brookfield

Our next cosplay announcement!! Please welcome back Lanthea Cosplay

Lanthea Cosplay aka. Erica Brookfield is a costume designer and cosplayer from Halifax, NS. She has been cosplaying for 6 years and is known for her armoured takes on popular characters.Her work has been featured on The Nerdist,, and Adafruit Industries, to name a few.

As a plus size cosplayer and mom of 2 girls she hopes the spread the love and positive message that anyone can cosplay regardless of age, body type, race, or gender.

Erica is excited to return to Impossible Realities as both a cosplay guest and tabletop gaming fan!

See you in September!!

xo Lanthea

Creative Lifestyles Studio at Impossible Realities 17: Adrift in the Aetherium

Cosplayers!!! This is a great deal to get some cool shots of your hard work. If you buy your tickets online and pre-register with Creative Lifestyles Studio, you can guarantee a photoshoot and get a free 4×6 print! If you need a specific time, check out their facebook page here and send them a message!

Impossible Realities 17: Adrift in the Aetherium, Sept 7-9, 2018


Impossible Realities 17: Adrift in the Aetherium
Sept 7-9, 2018

Online Registration is LIVE on Warhorn:

Game titles confirmed so far:
Ticket To Ride Tournament
Adventures in Middle Earth
Catan National Qualifier Tournament
Mega-Civilization Tournament
Star Trek Adventures RPG
D&D 5E – Tomb of Horrors
Call of Cthulhu

Many exciting game options that we expect to be added include:
D&D, Pathfinder and other RPGs
Magic The Gathering, Pokemon
Board Game Blitz, other board game tournaments.

Contact Steve Henderson at Heroes’ Beacon for interest in running games.

Preliminary schedules and game descriptions will be posted shortly.