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IR16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void Play-to-Win winners are…

The Impossible Realities 16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void Play to Win victors are:

Emergence by Stonemaier Games: Winner = Greg Sommerville

Patchworks (for two) – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Michael Evans

Camel Cup – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Susan Charchck*

Terror of Meeple City – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner =Kevin Gillette

Pandemic Cthulhu – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard: Winner = Brian Greenlaw

Boss Monster w / expansions – Brotherwise Games: Winner = Patrick Smith

Cranium – Dana Betts: Winner = Amanda Evans

Pairs – CheapAss Games: Winner = Lessa Thornton*

Give me the Brain – CheapAss Games: Winner = Tai Mitchell*

Lord of the Fries – CheapAss Games: Winner = Melissa Thornton*

Kill Doctor Lucky – CheapAss Games: Winner = Mike Wilcott

* = these prizes will be delivered to Heroes’ Beacon for pick up at your convenience. If other arrangements are preferred, please contact us.

Tomb of Horrors IWK fundraiser at IR16

We will be holding a Tomb of Horrors IWK fundraiser. You can donate money to help the adventurers or my personal favourite, donating a bunch of money to summon Big Bad Scary things for them to fight. Non attendees can still watch and donate as this will be live streamed on

Time Sensitive Announcement!

Hey Everyone!

One of our sponsors from our Play and Win section just launched a new game on Kickstarter. Emergence: Dark Ops is the standalone sequel to Emergence (That you might have tried during the convention). This second creation is designed specifically to unite your gaming group and recapture the excitement of board game nights.

Check out their Kickstarter here as the first 24 hours have an early bird discount pricing.

If they fund, you will have a chance to win the game during our Play and Win!