Impossible Realities is a fan based experience dedicated to gaming culture and community. Impossible Realities has been a boon to hobby gaming since Impossible Realities was founded in 2001 to make annual gaming conventions in Saint John. This year’s event will allow you to meet new and old freinds and try to do them in, but in good fun. Stay tuned!

Currently, Steve Henderson, Shelby Deluney and Dana Betts are the central organizational core for attaining prize sponsorship, Shelby is our multimedia / marketing/ promotions person, Steve being the Games Scheduler, and Dana taking care of Logistics and Prize Sponsorship.

2017 marks year SIXTEEN of this annual full weekend gaming convention, as well the annual March To Oblivion one day event held during the last Saturday of the March Break. Several games are long time favorites now including Circus Imperium, D&D / RPGA and Call of Cthulhu. Each year the call goes out to bring new experiences for out attendees and Impossible Realities has been a success ever since. The strong sponsor support program allows Impossible Realities to give away game related prizes to many of it players, some just for playing. We also offer demos for sponsors and some are company representatives, such as Chaosium for Call of Cthulhu.

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Mission Statement
Impossible Realities is a gaming experience dedicated to supporting the gaming community with sponsorship and support from local businesses. The conventions offer a series of new and old games for all to try. Volunteers run the many games. Prize support and Play-To-Win are a regular staple of the conventions as game companies have been generous and our gamers have usually received more than one main prize. Vendors and artists are welcome to setup of shop and sell their wares with free of charge half-tables.

Company Profile
Impossible Realities was founded in 2001 by a core of gamers who wanted a fun, open gaming convention for gamers. The convention has been held in several locations around Saint John, New Brunswick. Whether it’s cosplay, traditional gaming or live action roleplaying, whether it’s board games or card games, the purpose of Impossible Realities is to delight gamers with an experience that rewards it’s attendees, and to give a meeting point for new players and old friends. As of 2017 and a new venue at the Interaction School of the Arts Theatre, cosplay is being introduced in earnest.

Company Contact Information
Impossible Realities can be contacted through Impossible Realities c/o Dana Betts at impossiblerealitiescon@gmail.com or contact on cell (506) 645-8030.

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