LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Sponsors and/or Administrators are not responsible for any inaccurate information, whether caused by the Official Web Site or by the Web Site users or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the event or the Tournament or by any technical or human error which may occur in the processing of Tournament results. Administrators/Sponsors assume NO liability for any injury, loss, or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with any person’s participation in the Event or Tournament, including without limitation, participation in any real life activity, or injury, loss or damage sustained from use of any prize won. By participating in the Tournament, each Participant agrees to be bound by the Official Rules.


RELEASE: The individual signing below (“Registrant”) does hereby RELEASE AND WAIVE any and all causes of action, claims, losses and damages, whether such causes of action, claims, losses and damages are known or unknown, whether such causes of action, claims, losses, and damages existing in law or in equity, and whether such causes of action, claims, losses, and damages exist under contract, tort, strict liability or other theory, owned by Registrant or which may be owned by Registrant as against Sponsors or any Sponsor or any Sponsor’s directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives, arising out of, relating to or in connection with the Event and/or the Tournament (collectively, the “CLAIMS”). The Registrant FOREVER DISCHARGES Administrators/Sponsors and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from all Claims.

INDEMNITY: Registrant does hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless each Administrator/Sponsor and each Sponsor’s directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from and against all losses, lawsuits, causes of action, claims and damages which arise from the acts or omissions of Registrant in connection with the Event or the Tournament.

       I agree to abide by the following rules:

  • NO CHEATING. If you are caught cheating you will be evicted from the Impossible Realities Convention and permanently banned from all future Impossible Realities events. Players who attempt to cheat will be evicted from the game at the discretion of the GM in charge. GM decisions are FINAL.
  • Ask for help when you need it from the people in charge. Never assume anything.
  • Don’t touch anyone else’s belongings or persons unless they ask you to. All gamers and cosplayers are expected to respect each other’s personal space. Violators will be evicted and banned from returning.
  • If you are caught stealing, you will be evicted and charged with theft.
  • Items such as alcohol or non-prescription drugs will not be tolerated at the event. Anyone found using or distributing such items will be removed from the facility.
  • You are responsible for your own “stuff”. If you don’t want people going through your belongings, don’t leave them lying around.
  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages anywhere in or around the convention area and no smoking within the site.
  • No fighting, yelling, causing a disturbance or being generally obnoxious.
  • You MUST wear your entry pass at ALL times. You will not be admitted back into the convention unless you have your entry pass. No one without an entry pass will be permitted to play any games.
  • You will comply with any instructions issued to you by IR staff. We will be there to ensure that everyone has a good time and that the convention is run in an orderly fashion.
  • All guests are expected to behave in a cordial manner with fellow guests. Obvious disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to amend the rules at any time without notice.


We will eject anyone who doesn’t follow the rules.
No money will be refunded if you are ejected for breaking the rules.


Registrant acknowledges and confirms receipt of good and valuable consideration in exchange for Registrant’s agreement to all terms and provisions hereof.


Code of Conduct

General Note

If you need to locate an Impossible Realities Staff member for any reason either look for the staff badge or ask at the information desk and the volunteer there can locate one of us quickly.

General Misbehaviour

Impossible Realities believes that attendees should experience a convention free of harassment. This applies to all attendees, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, physical appearance, disability, body size or other identifying factor. Harassment, whether from attendees, staff, volunteers, exhibitors, guests or any others associated with convention will not be tolerated.

What do we consider harassment?

  • Deliberate intimidation (gaming trash talk that threatens or disparages another)
  • Stalking
  • Body or gender policing
  • Verbal comments, writing or imagery that demonstrates harmful or oppressive intent towards a specific group or individual.
  • Unwelcome photography or recording (ask permission first)
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome physical contact
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual attention
  • Persistent disruption of talks or events.
  • Responding to harassment

Impossible Realities participants who experience or witness harassment are asked to report it to a non-involved staff member immediately.

Attendees who are asked to stop any behaviour identified as harassment are expected to comply immediately with the request to stop the behaviour. Those who refuse to comply or commit repeat offenses are subject to ejection from the convention without refund.

All attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, vendors and exhibitors and any other persons associated with the convention agree to uphold this policy.

Respect to others

Gaming and cosplay are inclusive hobbies and Impossible Realities is open to all who uphold a culture of respect towards their fellow guests. We ask everyone to be mutually accountable to maintain a healthy and enjoyable convention for all.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact us at impossiblerealitiescon [at] gmail [dot] com.