Impossible Realities Main Event

It is time again to get ready for the 16th annual Impossible Realities: Paradigm Shifting in the Void. A full weekend of gaming on September 8th – 10th, 2016, at the Interaction Theatre of the Arts, 228 Germain Street, Saint John.

To add a game to the schedule, contact us on the Impossible Realities facebook page or Steve Henderson or Dana Betts via impossiblerealitiescon at

Please feel free to check out the Impossible Realities Facebook page: HERE

Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard
Stonemaier Games
Blue Panther LLC
Chaosium Inc.
Dice Candies
Dreamscape Design
Heroes’ Beacon
Stonemaier Games
More TBA

Event cost:
Single Day – $10
Full Weekend – $20

Point of Light Productions (Cosplay photography)
Breakout: 15-minute Escape Room Tent

Play to Win (More TBA)
Emergence by Stonemaier Games
Patchworks (for two) – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard
Camel Cup – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard
Terror of Meeple City – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard
Pandemic Cthulhu – Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard

Special Guests
Lanthea Cosplay
Moncton Spidey
Gregory Grondin

Expect to see added
Board Game Blitz
Magic the Gathering
Dungeons & Dragons (including Adventurers League)
Live Streaming of Play to Win
Many other Board, Card and Roleplaying games!

Game schedule (More TBA):

Game information (More TBA):

Vendors (More TBA):
Vendors will be welcomed back as usual. 🙂
Vendor application available here:
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – Sue Henneberry
Madhatterplushies – Meagan Hicks
Bitchin’ Stitchin’ by Kristin – Kristin McCutcheon
Nerdities Creations – Amanda Evans
Daydreams & Starlight Studios – Nikki-Lee Dyckow

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