Impossible Realities Main Event

It is time again to get ready for the 17th annual Impossible Realities: Adrift in the Aetherium. A full weekend of gaming on September 7th – 9th, 2018, at the Interaction Theatre of the Arts, 228 Germain Street, Saint John.

To add a game to the schedule, contact us on the Impossible Realities facebook page or Steve Henderson or Dana Betts via impossiblerealitiescon at
To add a cosplay event or panel to the schedule, contact Sabrina Barrett Patey on the Impossible Realities facebook page

Please feel free to check out the Impossible Realities Facebook page: HERE

Heroes’ Beacon
Offline Boardgame Cafe
Strange Adventures Comix and Curiosities (F’ton and Halifax)
Elderwood Academy
Cheapass Games
Blue Panther LLC
Brotherwise Games
Chaosium Inc.
Dreamscape Design
Sand Hat Games
Evil Hat Productions
Asmodee Canada
and certainly not least Gabrielle Bernard

Event cost:
Single Day – $10
Full Weekend – $20

Cosplay Showcases:
Fanboy30 Cosplay and Photography / Matt Parsons
Vosk / Rebecca Lindsay
Lanthea Cosplay / Erica Brookfield

Featured Guests:
Gregory Grondin
Creative Lifestyle Studio

Play to Win
MWAhahaha – Impossible Realities
Zombietown – Impossible Realities
Zero – Impossible Realities
Warhammer 40K – Conquest: the Card Game – Geb Bernard
Codenames: Marvel – Geb Bernard
Boss Monster: The Next Level – Geb Bernard
Game of Thrones: Hand of the King – Geb Bernard
Happy Salmon – Geb Bernard
Incan Gold- The Race for Ancient Artifacts – Geb Bernard
Lovecraft Letter – Geb Bernard
The Fox in the Forest – Maritime Meeple
Mangrovia – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Braverats – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Foodfighters w/ S’mores and Grains expansion – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Boss Monster w/Crash Landing and Tools of Hero-Kind – Brotherwise Games
BattleCon: Fate of the Indines – Strange Adventures
Pixel Tactics: Megaman – Strange Adventures
Duel of Time: Major General – Strange Adventures
Vye: The Card Game – Sand Hat Games
Blue Lagoon* – Heroes’ Beacon
Button Men – Cheapass Games
Unexploded Cow – Cheapass Games
Kill Doctor Lucky – Cheapass Games
Deadwood Studios USA – Cheapass Games

Game schedule:

Game information:

Nerdities Creations – (Amanda Evans)
Hippie Comfort Crochet – (Jessica Terri Jean Lapointe)
Hellhag Productions / Flying Elk Photography – (Author/Photographer A.E. Hellstorm)
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – (Sue Henneberry and Julie Matchett)
Childs Play – Hobbies and Props – (Kyla Childs)
Canada @ Midnight – (Anita Fougere)

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