March to Oblivion

March To Oblivion 2023
March 11

Online registration and tickets

Game Information: (more TBA)

Impossible Realities Operations Group 2023
Dana Betts -Executive, Logistics and Strategic Planning
Steve Henderson – Executive, GM / Game Coordination
Serena Rose Little – Cosplay, Cosplay Panels and Event Planning Coordination
John Henneberry – Registration Desk and Finances
Emmerson Rankine & Shannon Milne – Canteen Managers
Corey Despres – Website Administration
Ryan Finn – Executive, Registration Administration
Geb Bernard – Executive, Sponsor and Prize Distribution

As always, we will be looking for game masters to offer role playing, card games, board games, miniature games and any other table top options. Please contact Steve Henderson or Dana Betts to have any games you would like to host added to the schedule. ALL GAME OFFERINGS MUST BE REGISTERED BY THE END OF 28TH.

To avoid too much overlap, please schedule games in the assigned time blocks (Friday 6:00 – 11:PM, Saturday 9:00AM-1:00PM, 1:30PM-5:30PM, 6:30PM-11:00PM)

Games (more To be announced!)
KULT: Divinity Lost
Call of Cthulhu
Things from the Flood
AND much more

Heroes’ Beacon
Offline Boardgame Cafe
Strange Adventures Comix and Curiosities (F’ton and Halifax)
The Comic Hunter
Brotherwise Games
Chaosium Inc.
and the wonderful Geb Bernard

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