Impossible Realities News

Don’t mind me, I… just have something in my eyes.

On behalf of the Impossible Realities operating executives, it is my IMMENSE pleasure to express our PROFOUND gratitude to Susan Pass and Offline Boardgame Cafe for their immeasurable sponsorship and support for Impossible Realities and the gaming community as a whole. I truly cannot describe how moved I am. Susan has gone so far beyond the call for IR and the gamers we run our events for. We look forward to your move to be complete and your doors open so this very appreciative community can show you the love you’ve given us.

Play to Win News!

One of our gracious fans and sponsors, Geb Bernard, has gone out of her way to donate some titles to Play to Win IN ADDITION TO the titles from our company sponsors give us. IR is also going to be offering some titles from our Mosh Pit to find new homes. Here’s a taste of what’s up for grabs at IR17: Adrift in the Aetherium SO FAR!

MWAhahaha – Impossible Realities
Warhammer 40K – Conquest: the Card Game – Geb Bernard
Codenames: Marvel – Geb Bernard
Boss Monster: The Next Level – Geb Bernard
Game of Thrones: Hand of the King – Geb Bernard
Happy Salmon – Geb Bernard
Incan Gold- The Race for Ancient Artifacts – Geb Bernard
Lovecraft Letter – Geb Bernard

Heroes’ Beacon will also be offering up a surprise title during the summer so stay tuned.

Firefly Swag up for grabs at IR17: Adrift in the Aetherium

Impossible Realities 17: Adrift in the Aetherium is quickly approaching. Games, swag, and guests and panels are coming in. Did I mention swag? We have a SPECIAL swag giveaway for anyone willing to host a FIREFLY game. We aren’t going to give away any spoilers until we get a GM confirmed. 🙂 Step up and host a big game of FIREFLY and we’ll let you in on what’s up for grabs!