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Impossible Realities #21 Damage Control, Hybrid Con Sept 9-11, 2022

We are based at the InterAction School of the Performing Arts, 228 Germain Street in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST). We’re 5 weeks from IR#21: Damage Control, so you know what that means.


Big news includes many games being offered in person AND online… because you asked for it!

TWENTY Play-to-Win games added to the schedule.

Cos-Ality is “free-range cosplay” so show up and show us what you have been working on. WE WANNA SEEEEEEEE!!! If you wish to be showcased, we’ll be happy to put a spotlight on you and your work.

THE LEGEND RETURNS! You’ll know it when you hear it… FRENZYYYY is making a return to the gaming floor so warm up that lash and prepare whip your beast.Plenty of RPG’s for Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, KULT and so much more.

There is a Board Game Blitz, and that soul bending endurance tournament: MEGACIVILIZATION returns.

GM’s, volunteers, and vendors – get your information into us NOW NOW NOW so we can get even MORE offerings for everyone.

Take a look at our current game lineup for IN-PERSON and ONLINE for Impossible Realities #21: Damage Control (Hybrid Con)

Currently scouting for GMs and Vendors:…/impossible-realities-damage…

March To Oblivion 2022 is getting BIG

Hi everyone,

Our December Snowed Inn event was a big success and we had game offerings before that event went to post for this year’s March to Oblivion which will be held March 11-12 online.

I mean, wow, that’s a LOT more stuff added, from near and far, from fantasy to really dark fantasy, sci-fi-a-plenty and a whole lot more.

We have SPECIAL EVENTS the creators of KULT: Divinity Lost – Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Peterson, and Cat Evanss from ONYX Path Publishing.

See the BIG PAGES update below for the latest set of offerings. Register online here:

Finally, with Covid restrictions lightening up, we’re hoping to FINALLY be LIVE in person and online this upcoming September for our 21 annual gaming and cosplay convention!

Impossible Realities: A Snowed Inn Gameday (ONLINE)

Impossible Realities: A Snowed Inn Gameday (ONLINE) – DEC 3 AT 6 PM – DEC 5 AT 12 AM UTC-04

You know GM Ryan can’t just stop with one horror-tinged binge for 2021. Yes you guessed it: ANOTHER VIRTUAL GAMING SESSION for early December, and in fitting cold shorter gloomy days, we bring you “A Snowed Inn Gameday”, which frankly reminds me of “The Shining”. Enjoy!

For the next two days... : r/Winnipeg