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March to Virtual Oblivion, March 5-6th, 2021

With the Covid19 pandemic ongoing and cancelling most conventions, Impossible Realities continues to deliver online RPG and boardgame experiences not only for our local players but also globally. We are EXTREMELY pleased to have GMs and players from all over the world coming to join us for our gaming days being offered online BY gamers FOR gamers.

Our next upcoming event is our traditional end-of-March-Break event called March to Oblivion, March 5th-6th, 2021. This year it will be a two day event, and virtually online.

Here’s what in the works so far with our BIG PAGES:

BIG PAGES UPDATE 11-26-2020 for Upside Down Day, Dec 5TH 2020

Impossible Realities presents The Upside Down Online Game Day December 5th

Well… we can’t let things get TOO quiet, and gamers being gamers, want MOAR GAMEZ!!! Several GM’s expressed an interest in another pared down, one day, online game day at the beginning of December.

So we did.

Impossible Realities is happy to Present The Upside Down – a one day online game day without all the heavy sponsoring or details or Play-to-Win hoopla. A simple game day offering games by volunteer gamer GM’s for gamers who want to game

Upside Down Big Pages Update have been updated with more lovely titles have been added for our cut down fun online games day Saturday December 5th.