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Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY Guest Ellysetta Rain!

Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY for March To Oblivion 2019

Our first announced guest is Ellysetta Rain!

Ellysetta Rain is a Moncton-based cosplayer who loves making new friends! She loves to create large gowns and above all, cosplaying in groups. Some of her best known cosplays are Tauriel from The Hobbit and Belldandy from Ah My Goddess.

Some of her others include Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy 9, Sakura from Card Captors, and Emily from Corpse Bride. She describes herself as a fun-loving Socially Awkward Penguin who loves to talk about all things nerdy, especially anime and video games.

She is currently working on some new projects such as Mera From Aquaman, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Yuna From Final Fantasy 10. She is very honoured to be a guest at Impossible Realities this year and is excited to meet all of you!

News update: Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

Tired of winter YET? Just kidding…

Good news everyone! Impossible Realities is extremely excited and pleased to announce that our cosplay operations are officially getting their own operating title and mandate. Like our main event in September, and March To Oblivion in March, our cosplay operations under the guidance and management of the delightful Sabrina Barrett Patey will officially be titled “Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY”

With Sabrina at the helm of this venture, not only will there be cosplay events lined up for the two annual cons, other independent operations will also be organized throughout the year so stay tuned for special guests, appearances, and events for the cosplay and crafting community.

March To Oblivion 2019

March To Oblivion 2019
Saturday 9:00AM – 11:00PM
InterAction School of Performing Arts
228 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick
Cost: $10 single day pass

Online Registration:
Tentative Schedule:
Game Information:

Impossible Realities Operations Group 2018
Dana Betts -Executive, Logistics and Game Sponsorship
Steve Henderson – Executive, GM / Game Coordination
Sabrina Barrett Patey – Executive, Cosplay Coordination
John Henneberry – Registration Desk and Finances
Emmerson Rankine & Shannon Milne – Canteen Managers
Laura Jane Gordon – Twitter Promotions, Cosplay Panels and Event Planning
Corey Despres – Website Administration
Ryan Finn – Online Registration Administration

As always, we will be looking for game masters to offer role playing, card games, board games, miniature games and any other table top options. Please contact Steve Henderson or Dana Betts to have any games you would like to host added to the schedule. ALL GAME OFFERINGS MUST BE REGISTERED BY JANUARY 30TH FOR PRIZE SUPPORT / SWAG. If you wait to the last minute to offer a game, we may not be able to provide sweeter swag.

To avoid too much overlap, please schedule games in the assigned time blocks (Saturday 9:00AM-1:00PM, 1:30PM-5:30PM, 6:30PM-11:00PM)

In addition to the tremendous gaming options that will be available, we will be offering plenty of excitement for our cosplay crowd! If you are interested in hosting a panel or other cosplay activity, please contact Sabrina Barrett Patey

Play To Win games(so far):
Dreams – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Seasons – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Chrononauts – Offline Boardgame Cafe
3 Wishes – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Beasty Bar – Offline Boardgame Cafe
Kabuki – Offline Boardgame Café
Tavern Masters – Strange Adventures
Outlawed! – Strange Adventures
Shrodinger’s Cats – Strange Adventures
Queen of the Hill – Strange Adventures
Vye – Sandman Games
Klondike Rush – Red Raven Games
Boss Monster w/ Implements of Destruction and Paper&Pixels expansions – Brotherwise Games
Button Men – Cheapass Games
Stuff and Nonsense – Cheapass Games
Falling – Cheapass Games
… Before I Kill You, Mister Spy – Cheapass Games

COS-ALITY Cosplay Showcases:
Ellysetta Rain
Ty Odinson
Kadi Oram
Creative Lifestyles Studio

Special Features:

Elderwood Academy
Cheapass Games
Blue Panther LLC
Brotherwise Games
Chaosium Inc.
Dreamscape Design
Strange Adventures Comix and Curiosities (F’ton and Halifax)
Sand Hat Games
Evil Hat Productions
Heroes’ Beacon
Asmodee Canada
Offline Boardgame Cafe

Nerdities Creations – Amanda Evans
Nuclear Knick Knacks
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – Sue Henneberry and Julie Matchett
Hellhag Productions A.E. Hellstorm