Play To Win

Play To Win

The emphasis in Play to Win is:
1) you and your players sign it out
2) have a pic of you playing the game
3) fill out your feedback card about what you liked about the game, and any other great comments
4) At the end of the gaming convention, one of the names for that game title will take it home. If you get to take the game home as the grand winner, have your pic taken with it.

Win for the players, Win for the sponsor, Win for Impossible Realities

Play to Win Winners!

Impossible Realities March To Oblivion 2020, March 7
Halekala – Offline Boardgame Café
Captains of Industry – Offline Boardgame Café
3 Wishes – Offline Boardgame Café
Thieves! – Offline Boardgame Café
Isle of Trains – Offline Boardgame Café
Kill The Unicorn – Heroes Beacon
Welcome to Your Perfect Home – Strange Adventures
Killer Bunnies – Geb Bernard
Lovecraft Letter – Geb Bernard
Dungeon Mayhem – Geb Bernard
Boss Monster: Rise of the Mini Bosses – Brotherwise Games
Chomp – Dana Betts
Kill Doctor Lucky – Cheapass Games
Deadwood Studios USA – Cheapass Games
Button Men – Cheapass Games
Stuff and Nonsense – Cheapass Games
Falling – Cheapass Games
Give Me The Brain – Cheapass Games
Before I Kill You Mr Spy… – Cheapass Games

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