Relic of the Troll Wars

By Published On: September 2, 2009

Damp, Dank Ruins Await . . .

Just a note to update you on books that have been arriving at a steady pace during the past few weeks. More are at the printers!


THREE HUNDRED YEARS AGO a brave human hero named Sir Tolwar was slain while leading an epic charge during the height of the Troll Wars. The body of the knight was never found but, because of his bravery, the tide of the war turned and Sir Tolwar became revered as a Saint. A brotherhood was formed that honored the knight, and they erected a shrine on the very site of the battlefield where Sir Tolwar was slain. They called themselves the Brotherhood of the Lance in reference to the weapon Sir Tolwar wielded on that fateful day — a golden spear called Kerok, the Trollslayer. IN SEARCH OF THE TROLLSLAYER is a classic roleplaying adventure depicting the quest for the recovery of that ancient spear. Also available as the TROLLSLAYER PDF edition.

In the warehouse and shipping; a new and expanded third edition of Robert Bloch’s MYSTERIES OF THE WORM. This collection contains four Mythos tales not included in the first two editions.


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