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By Published On: January 11, 2010

Since we are only a few days into 2010, gadget lovers who love to delve into the future may have the itch to seek out the latest information regarding which trends will be ‘the talk of the town by year’s end.’
According to ‘Digital Trends’ a publication that tracks the latest gadgets and they are predicting 2010 should be the year for 3D TV. The television audience may well be ready for a three dimensional experience. The box office success of James Cameron’s Avatar also piqued consumer interest in 3D movies since its release before the holidays. Expect a slew of 3D-ready stereoscopic televisions, and maybe even some 3D Blu-ray players to match.
Meanwhile a globally recognized shoe company has paired up with George Lucas to create a science fiction spin for their latest line of athletic shoes for Spring 2010. The shoes work in some of the classic characters from the movies including the white Superskate Mid Stormtroopers and the black Darth Varder shoes, complete with the three stripes. There’s even an x-wing fighter pair in silver with hints of orange. So cool.

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