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By Published On: February 3, 2010

Out of the Box’s website, www.otb-games.com, has a plethora of resources available for gamers, inventors, teachers and everyone else!
Replacement Rules Rule!
No need to worry about the dog eating the rules! You can easily download the rules to any Out of the Box game for free at www.otb-games.com/resources.

Behind the Game
Missed an issue of Ahead of the Game? You can catch up on all of our back issues by clicking on the ‘Fun’ tab at the top of the home page (www.otb-games.com).

Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!
One minute video demonstrations of each of our games help you to choose the game that will work best for your game group. www.otb-games.com/video.

Invention Convention
Invented a game and wondering how to submit it? Visit the ‘About OTB’ tab and click on ‘Product Submissions’ for Information on how to submit a game.

Teacher’s Pet
All games are educational, but some games are especially great for the classroom. Visit www.outoftheboxteachers.com for links to the games with the highest educational content, then click on each product’s educational page for a link to the educational uses of each game and the national educational standards that each game addresses.

Passport to a good time
Many Out of the Box Games have rules available in foreign languages. Visit the Product Showcase page, or email us at info@otb-games.com for information on how to download rules in French, Spanish, German, Italian or Japanese.

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