Star Wars as you never saw it before

By Published On: April 27, 2010

From Acadie Nouvelle, April 24 – translated from original French
The emergence of new technology always seems to be an opportunity to refine the original trilogy of the Star Wars series. The launch of three films in Blu – Ray format will be the exception to the rule. Few details are known for the content of these disks, beginning with the date when they will be offered to the public.
The enthusiasm towards the product rose one huge notch, last weekend, when an employee of Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet, stated that the Blu – Ray version of Star Wars would be launched “in the not too distant future”.
He added that the six films of the saga would benefit from the “high definition” treatment, but fans will be especially impressed with material that will be appended to the original trilogy films (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi). These three science fiction classics benefited from various alterations over the years, including in 1997 (on VHS), in 2004 (with their release to DVD) and 2006 (on a double DVD limited edition print). Sansweet did say that it was too early to determine exactly what the additions to the movies were going to be. He talked about “real treasures” and “scenes that were never released previously”.
Sansweet did ensure that the Blu-Ray version of Star Wars will be final and considered as complete. “We constantly find new material”, he said.
To this, we must add that the producer/director George Lucas adores tinkering with the three original movies – which has earned him praise on the part of fans of the cult series.
It is not surprising to think that Mr. Lucas will not want to edit, cut, or add some scenes in the movies when he decides to release them in 3D format on the big screen
In brief… Sansweet also announced, last weekend, that a new animated television series will soon see the day (probably within four years). It will feature characters from the sixth and last film of the series, Return of the Jedi. Sansweet has added “in the world of science fiction, a dead character does not necessarily stay that way”. Will we see Darth Vader in new adventures?

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