The Mysteries of Dark & Secretive Orders Are Revealed!

By Published On: June 8, 2010

Lovecraft envisioned a world in which humanity is ignorant of cosmic realities. When the bleak truth is revealed it terrifies us, for it offers no hope of our salvation. Cultists are the gatekeepers to this knowledge. Their aim is to keep secret the existence of their gods by any means possible, and to free their gods from their slumbering prisons—thus bringing about humanity’s final downfall. CTHULHU’S DARK CULTS provides keyhole-glimpses into these secret orders, all irredeemable and hell-bent for humanity’s demise.

This all-new anthology makes a great addition to our CALL OF CTHULHU FICTION line.


• RISE OF THE DEAD: THE RAID is the second in a series of b-movie style post-apocalyptic scenarios for Call of Cthulhu set in the very near future

• MURDER IN THE FOOTLIGHTS is a short pulp Basic Roleplaying adventure suitable for two to four adventurers of normal to heroic experience.

• DRAGON LINES is a game of high flying action, written for the Basic Roleplaying system.

Thanks, The Guys at Chaosium

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