Cruel Empire

By Published On: August 4, 2010

Folks from Chaosium will attend a couple of conventions over the coming weeks. Charlie will fly out to Indianapolis for Gencon, and Meghan took off yesterday for a new German show, The Kraken, hosted and organized by the guys that ran the Tentacles show.

Also next week we receive copies of a cool new Call of Cthulhu monograph exploring the cruel empire of Tsan Chan, and new Arkham Country adventures.


The cruel empire of Tsan-Chan will rise in 5,000 A.D.

The liberated Old Ones will teach new ways to shout and kill, and revel and enjoy, and all the earth will flame in a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.

THE CRUEL EMPIRE OF TSAN CHAN offers a future history of the Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan, being an account of the year Five Thousand and the creation of Empire.


Our friends at Miskatonic River Press have just released their new collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures, MORE ADVENTURES IN ARKHAM COUNTRY. In the historic university city of Arkham, in the misty seaside resort of Kingsport, in the depressed farming community of Foxfield, and in the decrepit squalor of Innsmouth, things are far from fine.

Along with this book we also received restocks of their other fine roleplaying offerings: NEW TALES OF THE MISKATONIC VALLEY and OUR LADIES OF SORROW.


• The House That Stands Alone presents a series of five adventures intended to provide a coherent, yet flexible campaign.

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