Psst… Comunicon is coming in Febuary

By Published On: January 17, 2011

Hey you.. Yeah you.

Comunicon Games Festival: 19-20, 2011.
Atrium, Student Union Building, UNB. 21 Pacey Dr. Fredericton NB
If interested, please contact COMUNICON (below).
-This is their annual Main Event and includes:
Θ Collectable Card Games (sanctioned Magic The Gathering Type II and Sealed Deck)
Θ Role-Playing Games (D&D, D&D Encounters, Cthulhu)
Θ Miniatures Games (D&D minis, Warhammer, Battletech)
Θ Card Games (Munchkin, 3 Dragon Anté, Chez Geek)
Θ Displays by the Maritime Modelers


‘Nuff said? Out.

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