WArhammer 40K at March to Oblivion

By Published On: February 25, 2011

3 Round WH40K Tournament
This is not your usual 40K tournament! Players will be testing themselves not only against each other but also against the odds! Each player will be fielding two separate lists, a strike force and defense force. The first two games of the tournament will see players’ taking turns attacking and defending. The final game will have a twist to be revealed just before it takes place.
Following your codex bring two army lists with the following force organization requirements:
800 pts – Defensive force – 1 HQ and two troops mandatory
1200 pts – Strike force – 1 HQ and one troops mandatory
Keep in mind that the defense force will be defending the objective and benefits from terrain placement while the strike force will need to be able to cover ground and take the objective from the defender.
Registration 9 Am to 9:40 AM
Tournament starts at 10am

Mega Battles
It would not be a proper IR convention without a mega battle!
1500 pts – No force organization requirements
Each army may field one Apocalypse super heavy vehicle/gargantuan creature, data sheet or stratagem
Must have relevant Apocalypse books to use super heavies/gargantuan, data sheet or stratagem
Depending on the amount of players there may be more than one mega battle which will see the forces of Order and Destruction clash. Games will have a 5v5 player limit with players being split as evenly as possible.
6PM (will start earlier if the WH40K tournament ends early)

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