The Legacy of Arrius Lurco

By Published On: June 8, 2011

The Legacy of Arrius Lurco

A Campaign for Cthulhu Invictus—Several years ago a wealthy patrician, one of the owners of the Reds chariot racing faction, vanished in Crete. Weeks later he was found wandering, with no memory of where he’d been or what had happened to him. Arrius Lurco returned home and tried to resume his life, but then the nightmares and erratic behavior began. What starts as an attempt to recover his lost memories soon becomes an epic struggle pitting investigators against sinister cults, inhuman minions, and the awesome powers of a Great Old One.

The Legacy of Arrius Lurco is a full four-part campaign for Cthulhu Invictus, set in Rome, Achaea (Greece) and Cyrenaica (Crete). The campaign features new professions, cults and secret societies, monsters, spells, weapons, poisons, alien technologies, and mythos tomes. An epic adventure filled with mystery and horror, hope and betrayal, action and intrigue is about to begin.

Black Bag Jobs
Black Bag Jobs contains six self-contained missions for your Laundry campaign. From the war-torn hillsides of Afghanistan to the corridors of power in Whitehall, from yoga lessons in Devon to the end of the world, it’s time to break in and steal the secrets of reality, like:

• The truth about social networking
• How to weaponize a shoggoth
• Management secrets of the undying priests
• What the Auditors fear
• How to prepare for the apocalypse…
• … and what happens after.

Call of Cthulhu Card Game
In Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, players take the roles of investigators, villians, and unspeakable horrors inspired by the dark mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Agency detectives, Miskatonic University students and faculty, and the members of the mysterious Syndicate all join the fight against other-worldly beings including Cthulhu, Hastur, Yog-Sothoth, and Shub Niggurath.

We just received a corpulent array of supplements for the core game, including the new The Order of the Silver Twilight expansion.

The first collection of short stories by Lois H. Gresh, one of the most talented writers working these days in the realms of imagination.

These tales of weird fiction blend elements wrung from science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror. Some stories are bent toward bizarre science, others are Lovecraftian Mythos tales, and yet others are just twisted. They all share an underlying darkness, pushing Lovecraftian science and themes in new directions.

We are quite happy with the hard boards and the production quality of the Call of Cthulhu Keeper’s Screen. Being faced with the prospect of reprinting the core Basic Roleplaying rulebook, we decided to improve the book’s quality and durability, and now offer the BASIC ROLEPLAYING hardcover edition.

AS ROME’S INFLUENCE SPREADS across the known world, so too spreads the worship of its gods. Roman leaders know that converting the people of conquered regions to the state religion makes them easier to control. But some gods have been worshipped longer than Rome has existed, and their supplicants won’t easily change allegiances.

The CTHULHU INVICTUS COMPANION is a collection of three scenarios for Call of Cthulhu, pitting investigators against cults from different regions of the ancient Roman Empire. The CTHULHU INVICTUS COMPANION PDF version.

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