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By Published On: October 18, 2011

Almost done with Convention Season! For the Halloween weekend, Charlie will be heading off to the south of France to attend Chimeriades, and to again barbecue on the grill they built for him, to talk to some of our French fans, and visit with some of our European licensees.

The Magic Book

Magic pervades many worlds of Basic Roleplaying, for in the game every adventurer — every character — has the capacity to manipulate invisible powers. Though the beliefs of the user shape his or her approach to magic, all magic works by certain principles which stem from the life force of the user. Life force flows in natural currents throughout the uni¬verse. Its different forms and shapes are determined by perception.

The Magic Book explains the mechanics of three independent magic systems (Spirit Magic, Divine Magic and Wizardry) and details Ritual Magic, a system common to shamans, priests and wizards.

Here is The Magic Book PDF version.

The Gods Hate Me

The Gods Hate Me is the title of one of the seven adventures in this Cthulhu Invictus monograph exploring the people and times of ancient Rome — mythic and Mythos-infected.

• Enjoy a relaxing three-day holiday celebrated with gladiatorial games;
• Explore an ancient cache of antiquities brought to Rome from ancient Egypt;
• Build the demarcation wall ordered by Emperor Hadrian across the northern frontier of the Roman Empire;
• Learn the cause of the rebellion of Spartacus;

These are but a sample from the winning entries for Chaosium’s first Cthulhu Invictus adventure-writing contest.

Here is The Gods Hate Me PDF version.

Dead Leaves Fall

. . . and speaking of contests, we recently held our annual CALL OF CTHULHU HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE contest. Dead Leaves Fall contains the winning entries. While all of the adventures are specifically written for Call of Cthulhu, these entries span time periods from ancient Rome through the American Revolution and up to the modern-day.

We will add the print version as soon as possible, but wanted to give enterprising keepers a pumpkin-throw headstart.

Recent Releases

The enthusiastic response to the release of the CALL OF CTHULHU 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION surprised us. We have only a few remaining copies of this special binding of the current edition of the rulebook, featuring thick (3 mm) leatherette hard-covers with the front cover and spine stamped with luxurious gold foil. This is a one-time printing and will not be reprinted.

OPERATION ULYSSES offers a far-future adventure for Basic Roleplaying. The characters have been contacted by the mega-corporation ISIS corp. (Interstellar Industrial Supply), the largest litherium mining and manufacturing company in the Hadrion Galaxy, to investigate the recent disappearance of the Ulysses, one of their Titan-class starfreighters. Twenty-four hours ago, the Ulysses veered off course into an extremely hazardous star system known as the Gammadon Fields, and then disappeared near the planet of ION 9. You are part of the investigative team searching for the missing ship.

Here is the OPERATION ULYSSES PDF version.

DEAD BUT DREAMING 2 is the second volume of the critically-acclaimed anthology series from Miskatonic River Press. Herein are 22 tales of Lovecraftian horror from the modern masters of Cthulhu Mythos fiction: Scott David Aniolowski, David Annandale, Donald R. Burleson, Cody Goodfellow, John Goodrich, T.E. Grau, Rick Hautala, Walt Jarvis, Erik T. Johnson, William Meikle, Will Murray, Daniel W. Powell, Wilum Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr, Pete Rawlik, Kevin Ross, Brian Sammons, Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Michael Tice, and Don Webb.

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