A Chaosium Halloween-in-France Sale!

By Published On: October 26, 2011

A Chaosium Halloween-in-France Sale!
Charlie is heading off to France for a small show called Chimeriades. France has always been a good market for Chaosium books and games, and especially for Call of Cthulhu. While the boss is away, those of us left behind thought it a great time for a CHAOSIUM SALE! Here is your chance to save Big Bucks.

Starting now and lasting until Charlie’s return plane lands, we are offering a MONSTROUS DISCOUNT of 30% OFF on Chaosium titles and knick-knacks throughout our online catalog. It’s been some time since our last sale, and we’ve added a number of new titles and monographs since.

Colonial Terrors
Colonial Terrors is a Call of Cthulhu campaign taking place in New England just prior to the American Revolution. The investigators are patriot smugglers. In this Age of Enlightenment great progress is made in science, politics, and philosophy. Many, but not all, of the shackles of previous eras are shaken free. This is a land where old gods grow new again.

The Sevenfold Path
The Sevenfold Path is a sourcebook and campaign for classic-era Call of Cthulhu. Investigators will travel to 1920s Iceland, be introduced to the legend of Olaf Ulfsson, and investigate the ruins of the abandoned Third Cloister. The encounter rival lodges of the theosophy movemenet in Reykjavik, and get a chance to butt heads with some of the proto-Nazis of the Thule Gesellschaft. It they are not wise and clever, they will be dead or corrupted.

The Magic Book
Magic pervades many worlds of Basic Roleplaying, for in the game every adventurer — every character — has the capacity to manipulate invisible powers. Though the beliefs of the user shape his or her approach to magic, all magic works by certain principles which stem from the life force of the user. Life force flows in natural currents throughout the universe. Its different forms and shapes are determined by perception.

The Magic Book explains the mechanics of three independent magic systems (Spirit Magic, Divine Magic and Wizardry) and details Ritual Magic, a system common to shamans, priests and wizards.

The Gods Hate Me
The Gods Hate Me is the title of one of the seven adventures in this Cthulhu Invictus monograph exploring the people and times of ancient Rome — mythic and Mythos-infected.

• Enjoy a relaxing three-day holiday celebrated with gladiatorial games;
• Explore an ancient cache of antiquities brought to Rome from ancient Egypt;
• Build the demarcation wall ordered by Emperor Hadrian across the northern frontier of the Roman Empire;
• Learn the cause of the rebellion of Spartacus;

These are but a sample from the winning entries for Chaosium’s first Cthulhu Invictus adventure-writing contest.

Dead Leaves Fall
. . . and speaking of contests, we recently held our annual CALL OF CTHULHU HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE contest. Dead Leaves Fall contains the winning entries. While all of the adventures are specifically written for Call of Cthulhu, these entries span time periods from ancient Rome through the American Revolution and up to the modern-day.

Other Sale Items to Consider…
Here are a number of titles you might want to consider picking-up during this sale. Most were released during 2011, as we have started offering hardcover editions of some of our popular books.

The enthusiastic response to the release of the CALL OF CTHULHU 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION surprised us. We have fewer than 40 remaining copies of this special binding of the current edition of the rulebook, featuring thick (3 mm) leatherette hard-covers with the front cover and spine stamped with luxurious gold foil. This is a one-time printing and will not be reprinted.

In the MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP hardcover edition, the stars are almost right! Soon Nyarlathotep’s plans will come to fruition. Then the world will be changed irrevocably—but not quite yet. Pesky human investigators have learned much, but they must survive long enough to make sense of what they know, and take resolute action. This roleplaying classic is a series of linked adventures forming one long and unforgettable Call of Cthulhu campaign. Horrifying deeds and dangerous sorcery dog those who dare attempt to unravel the fate of the Carlyle Expedition. The non-linear narrative keeps players baffled and on their toes. Action is the byword as the player-characters evade or combat cultists, magic, mad men, and the dread powers of the Outer Gods.

A 3-panel KEEPER’S SCREEN mounted on thick hardcover stock that folds out to 33 inches wide. One side, intended to face the players, portrays an investigative scene. The other side collects and summarizes important rules and statistics, to help ease the Keeper’s task. The package includes a 22″x34″ Mythos Vade Mecum poster by the mad french artists Christian Grussi and El Théo, postulating relationships between the deities and minions of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Chaosium’s BASIC ROLEPLAYING hardcover collects in one place rules and options for one of the original and most influential role playing game systems in the world. From its origin, Basic Roleplaying was designed to be intuitive and easy to play. Character attributes follow a 3D6 curve, and the other Basic Roleplaying mechanics are even simpler. Virtually all rolls determining success or failure of a task are determined via the roll of percentile dice. This means that there’s less fiddling with dice of different types, and the concept of a percentile chance of success is extremely easy for beginners and experienced players to grasp.

ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS is the first collection of short stories by Lois H. Gresh, one of the most talented writers working these days in the realms of imagination. These tales of weird fiction blend elements wrung from science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror. Some stories are bent toward bizarre science, others are Lovecraftian Mythos tales, and yet others are just twisted. They all share an underlying darkness, pushing Lovecraftian science and themes in new directions. While H.P. Lovecraft incorporated the astronomy and physics ideas of his day (e.g., cosmos-within-cosmos and other dimensions), these stories speculate about modern science: quantum optics, particle physics, chaos theory, string theory, and so forth. Full of unique ideas, bizarre plot twists, and fascinating characters, these tales show a feel for pacing and structure, and a wild sense of humor. They always surprise and delight.

Have a great Halloween!
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