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Chaosium under construction
Well, this certainly has taken longer than expected! We thought electrons moved faster than this.

The Chaosium website has moved to a new server; a process proving more troublesome than expected. The little green men gnashed their teeth when moving our old website, muttering about broken databases. They stomped their feet when upgrading our shopping cart software. They flailed their hands in the air when making the final move, redirecting name servers and MX records, IP addresses, mail processes, and server and firewall ports.

We just shake our heads and sigh.

Anyway, the move to the new server is finished, but not all of the changes we will make are completed. We are still working out kinks and would appreciate you letting us know what is not working. Here are a couple of differences you will notice in the new software:

Chaos Points: we have enabled a system whereby you can earn Chaos Points, good for discounts on future orders. You can earn Chaos Points for posting reviews, tweeting about Chaosium titles, “Like”-ing us on Facebook, placing orders, and referring friends. Chaos Points are tracked in your account, and you can choose to apply them to your order. There are certain limits that are explained here.

Visual Verification: as part of the upgrade, we enabled a simple code you must enter when engaging in some website functions. Take our links section, for example. Without visual verification we had an overwhelming 24,000+ link requests, most from sites of dubious provenance (and made by robot programs). Entering that simple code foils such robots. We were able to have all 24,000+ requests flushed.

It was more than we could do to troll through those many thousands looking for valid requests. So, if you submitted a link request to Chaosium in the last year or so, you should re-submit it. If we think it is appropriate for our audience we will add it our our growing collection of links.


We are extremely pleased to have our recent release, Cthulhu By Gaslight nominated for two ENnies: Best Art: Cover and Best Supplement! We would like to extend a special thanks to authors Kevin Ross and William Barton for the excellent work they did on the book. It is certainly deserving of those awards, so click and VOTE.


ACES HIGH: NEW MEXICO, Dark Days in the Land of Enchantment, is a companion book for Chaosium‘s Aces High BRP supplement. ACES HIGH: NEW MEXICO is split into two sections; the first section is concerned with historical, geographical and societal issues that will allow the Master to explore some of the land of New Mexico during the appropriate period. The second section is the “Incident at Alice” scenario which will allow the players to interact with some of the people and creatures that live here. The print edition will be here in just under a week.


A Chinese nuclear submarine bearing a dozen missiles, each with a nuclear warhead, reported a major mechanical malfunction and would return to port. The ship is late.

World governments receive a broadcast from the captain of the lost submarine, demanding that Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea surrender to the Peoples Republic of China by midnight — to be absorbed into that great nation.

If they refuse, a random city in those countries will be destroyed each hour thereafter. Civil panic has overwhelmed the government’s ability to deal with this terrorist threat.

A NATION RANSOMED is a modern-day military adventure for Basic Roleplaying, one of the winners of the second BRP Adventure Contest. The print edition will be here in just over a week.


From the hills the fairies whisper to lone strangers, “come join the dance”. Watching from beneath the waves are the Merrow, the dwellers of the deep.Strange noises and half-heard screams ring at night from the cellars of the towns and cillages. The unwary go missing in the wilds, the locals say “Pooka”, and shake their heads.Fires are lit on the mountainsides and bones are cast into the flames; a young woman sits in a trance as ectoplasm oozes from her mouth, and she speaks of times-past in a voice that is not her own.

All these things and more are waiting on this Celtic Isle. This is a land of roaring seas, deep lakes, green pastures, barren bogs, and heather-topped mountains.

Mysteries of Ireland is a source book for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game.It is a guide for playing games and running scenarios in 1920s Ireland. The print edition will be here in just over a week.


The Nordic and Celtic peoples who settled Iceland in the 9th century came from lands with rich traditions of folklore, where the mythical and supernatural were part of daily life. They found an island of striking beauty, with inland valleys, richly grassed and forested lowlands, massive glaciers, and impressive volcanic mountain ranges. They also found a land teeming with spirits of nature and mythic creatures.

Mythic Iceland offers Basic Roleplaying players the experience of living and adventuring in the Iceland described in the Sagas and in Icelandic fairy-tales. In Mythic Iceland all the creatures of myth and all the magical aspects of life really do exist, and they play a major role in people’s lives. The elves, or hidden folk, exist hidden from the eyes of the common folk, and sometimes meddle in their affairs. Those travelling through the highlands risk being attacked by trolls, and often curses and spells are laid on neighbors and enemies.

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