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By Published On: February 8, 2013

It has been some time since we sent out a proper newsletter; we’ve been working away on products near and far. In the near category, you will soon see Atomic-Age Cthulhu in your friendly local game store, along with the recently-released Terror From the Skies.
Chaosium is also honored that Diehard Gamefan has awarded Tabletop Gaming Awards to two of our 2012 publications:

Cthulhu By Gaslight
Cthulhu By Gaslight won Best Re-Make / Re-Release. It was praised for the new content and quality of production. Everyone at Chaosium is thrilled to be part of creating great products. While we strive to publish books of the highest quality, our aim for 2013 is to publish more great quality works. We are working hard to ensure more releases for your enjoyment.
“Cthulhu By Gaslight wasn’t just the best re-make of the 2012, it was one of the best RPG books of the year, period.” — Alexander Lucard

Mythic Iceland
Mythic Iceland was also honored with an award, that of Best Campaign Setting. The monsters are truly terrifying, and the history and mythology is so thorough and interesting. Pedro Ziviani, the author of Mythic Iceland, put so much work into this project, we are thrilled for his success. We hope everyone who has picked up this book has found it as enjoyable as we do, and we hope many more people will pick it up soon.
“…It’s THE single most impressive release of 2012 for a myriad of reasons.” — Alexander Lucard
We want to send a sincere Thank You to Diehard Gamefan for choosing our publications. And thanks to our fans for supporting our books and games.

Mythos Horror in 1950s
NEVER BEFORE had the world faced a threat as potentially devastating as the A-bomb—and the even more lethal H-bomb that followed. Educational films showed how to “survive” a nuclear blast by crawling under a desk, as if a few inches of wood made any difference. In movie theaters, classic monsters of the ‘30s and ’40s were replaced by atom-spawned horrors. Unseen enemies were everywhere: from devilish rock-and-roll music to morally-corrupt books such as Lolita and Catcher in the Rye. Comic-books corrupted the minds of our youths, and godless Communists constituted a red menace to be stopped using any means necessary.

Atomic-Age Cthulhu brings Lovecraftian horror roleplaying into the post-war golden age. Here you find background and history that led to the development of the 1950s world, along with new skills and professions for your investigators. A number of Sinister Seeds are included to help you grow your own ‘50s horrors, but seven complete adventures are ready for you to spring on your unsuspecting players.

A Race to Save Humanity From a Dark Future: In Terror From The Skies the investigators race to save earth from malevolent creatures in this Call of Cthulhu supplement. Set in 1920s England, the adventure is rife with plot twists, mini-adventures linked to create a sizable campaign, and formidable foes. Investigators are lured into the campaign with a tale of local mystery, slowly unfolding into a heart-pumping time-sensitive race for humanity!
This campaign intertwines historic events with mythos themes, creating a captivating experience for keepers and players alike. Terror From The Skies includes 10 chapters, an array of NPCs, and a variety of maps and handouts.

Should be a short, and weird, winter!
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