Our sponsors list is growing for IR12: My Dice Are Out To Get Me

By Published On: July 29, 2013

I’m beginning to like this summer more and more.

Our sponsor support is rolling in, and first up to the plate is Flying Buffalo, returning for another year of support. They are the proud maker of many fine games, and is the sanctioned sponsor for Sunday afternoon’s 12 player Nuclear War tournament being run by Dana Betts. Their website can be found at http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/

Meridae Games, the proud maker of Garden Dice, has stepped up to the plate to offer their support to you, our gaming fans. Their website can be found at www.meridaegames.com

Third Eye Games has given us redeemable PDF coupons for our winners for stuff on their online store. Check them out at http://www.thirdeyegames.net

Precis Intermedia is another of our proud sponsors for Impossible Realities 12: My Dice Are Out To Get me. Check out their goodies at our event like New World Disorder, and Lords of Olypmus. Please check them out at www.pigames.net!

Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics have confirmed AGAIN for almost a decade to be one of our long term supporters. A big THANK YOU goes out to them. Check out their website at http://www.noxarcana.com/.

Our next glorious official supporter is Arc Dream Publishing, the makers of the Ennie Award-nominated magazine for resources and scenarios for Call of Cthulhu. Be sure to check out their website at http://arcdream.com/home/.

Happy Bishop Games is also on the list of official sponsors. This is great news! They have provided you, our players with redeemable PDF coupons for their products: Outlive Outdead and Triune Corebook (Gamemasters’ Edition). Look for their certificates in the Prize Pit! Their website can be found at http://happybishopgames.com/

Wilhelm’s Games has donated several copies of “While the World Ends”, story game about a future on the brink of change. Check out their website at https://wilhelmsgames.wordpress.com/

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has signed on bringing great games to you from their website http://www.alderac.com/

We are VERY proud to announce our FIRST official Play To Win sponsor, Stronghold Games, to our growing list of sponsors. They are sending Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom, Little Devils and Lost Temple for you to Play To Win! Their website can be found at http://strongholdgames.com/

Eagle & Gryphon Games has generously offered Salmon Run to the Mosh Pit for your long term playing pleasure, but also has offered a copy up to Play to Win. Considering New Brunswick’s long and proud salmon fishing history, IR would like to make this a local favourite. Check out their website at www.eaglegames.net for other great titles.

Evil Hat Productions is offering redeemable discount certificates for PDFs of their products. Keep you eyes open in the prize pit for these certs so you can save some moohla off their online store at http://www.evilhat.com/store/.

and and and… Outland Arts is the latest in official sponsors to step up to the plate with Mutant Epoch games to support YOU, our players. Their website can be found at http://outlandarts.com

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