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By Published On: September 10, 2013

Impossible Realities is back for its 12th year of a full weekend of gaming with IR12: My Dice Are Out To Get Me on Sept 13-15, 2013. We’ll be at the Kent Theatre/Chinese Commerce Center on Coburg Street in uptown Saint John.

Admission is $20 for a weekend pass or $10 for a single day. Doors open Friday at 6PM with cleanup Sunday at 5PM.

Anyone who wants to organize a game, please contact Steve Henderson or Dana Betts

Here is a schedule (Sept 9 version) that will be updated as more game masters become available:
Friday 7:00PM
Vampire the Masquerade LARP – John Blatchford
Elder Sign – Dana Betts
Revolution – Heather Cato
Star Fleet Battles Hockey (Learn to play) – LJ Leblanc
Battletech – Darren Drew
Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield
Pathfinder – Andrew Miller
Gamma World (Hell in Haton part 1) – Josh Churchill
Pathfinder (We Be Goblins!) – Rick Doucette
Relic Board Game – Corey Despres

Friday 8:30PM
The Resistance – Shelby Deluney

Friday 10:30PM
Do You Worship Cthulhu? – Shelby Deluney

Saturday 9:00AM
Shadowrun – William Andrew Walter Kelly
Great Canadian Board Game Blitz (8 hours) – Raymond Saulnier
Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield
Pathfinder Society – Deborah Tudor
Star Fleet Battles Cadet tournament – LJ Leblanc
Infinity (200pt list) – Peter Darling
Pathfinder (We Be Goblins Too!) – Rick Doucette
Least I Could Do – Mike Allain

Saturday Noon
Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield

Saturday 1:30PM
Magic the Gathering Sealed Dragonmaze event (extra $15 cost to pay for packs) – Rob Watters
Changeling the Lost LARP – Frank Duguay
Munchkin – Heather Cato
Lords of Waterdeep and Smash Up – Chris Fougere
AD&D 2nd Edition – Donna Nutter
Warmachine Demo – Doug Barton
Bitin off Hedz – Becki Graves

Saturday 3:00PM
Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield

Saturday 5:00PM
The Resistance – Shelby Deluney

Saturday 6:30PM
Vampire the Masquerade LARP – John Blatchford
Call of Cthulhu (GM Round) – Dana Betts
Pathfinder Society – Deborah Tudor
Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield
Gamma World (Hell in Haton part 2) – Josh Churchill

Saturday 10:30PM
Do you Worship Cthulhu? – Shelby Deluney

Sunday 8:30AM
Call of Cthulhu (Open Round)- Dana Betts
Star Fleet Battles Cadet tournament – LJ Leblanc
Battletech – Darren Drew
Circus Imperium victory round – Joe Hatfield
DC Comics Deckbuilding Game – Steve Henderson
Fiasco – Pam MacNeish
Pathfinder We Be Goblins – Tony Spence

Sunday 10:00AM
Car Wars – Ray Saulnier
Arkham Horror – Nick Brien

Sunday 10:15AM
D&D Murder at Baldur’s Gate (D&D NEXT Rules) – Patrick Smith

Sunday 1:00PM
Frag – Heather Cato
Nuclear War – Dana Betts
D&D 3.5 – Donna Nutter
Pathfinder We Be Goblins Too – Tony Spence
Zombies – Becki Graves

Sunday 2:00PM
Car Wars – Ray Saulnier

Sunday 3:00PM
The Resistance – Shelby Deluney

All weekend Fundy Phoenix presents the Zombie Apocalypse
Salmon Run sponsored by Eagle & Gryphon Games
Dice Garden sponsored by Meridae Games
Little Devils sponsored by Stronghold Games
Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom sponsored by Stronghold Games
Lost Temple sponsored by Stronghold Games
Slapshot sponsored by Columbia Games
(One lucky winner from those who signed out the above games WILL TAKE IT HOME!)

Vendors include:
Heroes’ Beacon
Creations by Kadi – Kadi Oram
Artwork by Nikki-Lee Dyckow
Lilamarie Crafts – Becki Graves
Origami and Clay by Amber Masson
Mistreena’s Mystic Creations – Megan JM
Knitty Kitty Crafts – Taylor Bissnette
Pixl-8 – Tracy Stevens
Cthulhu’s & Crochet Bags – Sue Henneberry
Chainmail – Emily Brownlee (Sunday)
Nerdites – Amanda Evans (pending)

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