UNDEAD & UNBOUND epub edition

By Published On: December 4, 2013

We just received the Undead & Unbound epub edition.
Undead & Unbound is a book of fiction celebrating those who have returned from the grave — in all their glory and in whatever form they take. You will find the famous blood-drinkers and flesh eaters here, but also ghosts, patched-together reanimates, fiends of myth and folklore, and some not-so-easily-identifiable creatures from beyond the grave.


Now at the printer, Secrets of Tibet details information about everyday life in this mysterious and unique country, from the early twentieth century through to more modern times, along with horrific underlying truths. As a holiday bonus, we thought we would allow you to pre-order this book at our special Thanksgiving sale price. PLEASE NOTE: all items accompanying Secrets of Tibet on one order will be shipped together. While we are hopeful of delivery before Christmas, we do not yet have such definitive word from our printer.

We had a great Thanksgiving feast!
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