March To Oblivion 2014

By Published On: February 18, 2014

Where: Kent Theatre, Coburg Street, Saint John, NB
When: March 8, 2014
Cost: $10

Games will run from 9:00am until 11:00pm.

Contact Steve Henderson or Dana Betts to schedule a game if you would like to run a game.

All Day:
Steve Jackson Games Demos – Heather Cato
Dust Demo – Ryan Sullivan
Saint John vs Zombies – Chas Goguen

Faux-Cabulary by Out of The Box
Last of the Independents – Numbskull Games
The Wobbly Wall – Kikigagne
HysteriCoach – Kikigagne
Other titles to be announced

DC Comics Deckbuilding tournament – Steve Henderson
Descent – Roy Webber
Relic – Corey Despres
Kids Corner – Vanessa A. Klohn
Heroclix – Rick Hawkes
Battletech – Darren Drew
D&D Next Last Caravan to Icewind Dale – Patrick Smith
Shogun – Nicholas Brien
Descent tutorial for Ladies – Shelby Deluney

Least I Could Do – Michel Allain
Fiasco – Pamela MacNeish

Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield

Marvel Legendary – Chris Fougere
D&D – Donna Nutter
Descent – Roy Webber
Magic the Gathering Booster Draft – Rob Watters
Firefly the Board Game – Josh Landry
Once Upon a Time – Kelly Lawton
Bitin’ Off Hedz – Becki Graves

Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield

The Resistance – Shelby Deluney
Mystery contest – Raymond Saulnier

Circus Imperium – Joe Hatfield

Vampire the Masquerade LARP – John Blatchford
Descent – Roy Webber
Call of Cthulhu – Dana Betts
Arkham Horror – Scott Brownlee
Killer Bunnies – Cori Brownlee
Pathfinder – Andrew Miller

Do you Worship Cthulhu – Shelby Deluney

Vendors and Guests:
Heroes’ Beacon
K and M Comics, Games and Hobbies
Kadi Oram
Tish Webber
Shannon and Megan Milne
DragonSpire Clay Works – Amber Masson
Joshua Lapointe

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