By Published On: September 11, 2014

A short note this time around. We are working hard to polish up the new edition of Call of Cthulhu before sending it off to the printer while we await arrival of parts for Horror on the Orient Express.
Since our last newsletter we have a few new products; one of which is FREE!
First, we received on our doorstep a little bundle of joy — the latest issue of THE UNSPEAKABLE OATH (#24)! The magazine is full of goodness for the Call of Cthulhu player, and we have them in stock.

Secondly, we posted the MAGIC WORLD QUICK-START pdf. This free download is a great introduction to Magic World, our fantasy RPG offering high-magic, wizards, demons, and weapons: all that swell stuff that makes roleplaying so much fun.

Finally, we have two related items: the MIGHTY CTHULHU PRINT DICE BAG and the MIGHTY CTHULHU PRINT BANDANA. These are limited-quantity items crafted in the South Pacific at great hazard to mortal mind and soul.

NOTE: If you are a backer of our Call of Cthulhu project, you should have received a newsletter note from Mike Mason. If you have not received a backer note via a newsletter, please let mike know at mike@chaosium.com
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