2015: off to a great start!

By Published On: January 23, 2015

For about six to eight weeks we have been slaving away in the game mines, hand-crafting Horror on the Orient Express for our backers, and roughing-up those few suppliers who have not yet gotten product to us. In fact, our warehouse guys were in here on New Year’s day keeping up with the collating! While offering our backers there choice of passports from among the six we had created for the game was fun, it slowed our assembly of the shipping packages.

Nonetheless, the demand for Horror on the Orient Express has been great. We know that it took us a long time to get this luxury campaign released, but everyone who has gotten their copy raves about the contents, the storyline, and the pudginess of the box. There have been some great reviews, too, at some of the on-line magazines.

Just Posted
In all the hustle-and-bustle of the holidays, we failed to post the free PDF version of the Orient Express handouts (Book VI in the box). On the “What’s In This Box?” sheet we mentioned that it would be available–and so it is. Now, you can choose one of the handouts on your computer to enlarge or reduce, modify the telegrams (for your own use, of course) to craft them for your investigators.

We’ll have more news and information shortly–we have some great product coming in 2015. But first, we wanted to give all of you a hearty Thanks for your support during the past year.
– The Chaosium Folks

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