Happy 125th Birthday H. P. Lovecraft!

By Published On: August 26, 2015


Happy 125th Birthday H. P. Lovecraft!
Howard Philips Lovecraft was born 125 years ago today in Providence, Rhode Island. The grandson of the magnificently named Whipple Van Buren Philips, the stars were evidently in the right conjunction on his birth for Lovecraft to conjure tales of cosmic menace, forbidden knowledge, and of the mythos we all so enjoy. So get the shoggoth to make a cake, ask Nyarlahotep to send the invitations, and have Azathoth provide the entertainment – it’s H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday!

The New Chaosium!
At GenCon, Chaosium company founder Greg Stafford and long-time creative force Sandy Petersen announced that Moon Design Publications – the team responsible for the revival of Glorantha through the award-winning Guide to Glorantha and – have taken over the management of Chaosium. The new Chaosium team is:

Rick Meints – President, Head of Production
Jeff Richard – Vice President, Creative Director and Licensing
Michael O’Brien – Vice President, Product Development and Community Outreach
Neil Robinson – Chief Financial & Technical Officer
Mike Mason – Line editor for Call of Cthulhu
Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash – Line editors for RuneQuest
Ben Monroe, Office Manager
Nick Nacario – Layout, and editor of Wyrms Footnotes
Dustin Wright – Cult of Chaos (Organized Play), customer support

The Chaosium board of directors consists of Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Rick Meints, Jeff Richard, Michael O’Brien and Neil Robinson. Greg Stafford is Chairman of the Board. Greg and Sandy are also Creative Consultants to Chaosium.

Status of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
The first priority of the new Chaosium team is to fulfill everything the backers are waiting on for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. The team has been working with the printer to get the proofs created, and then sent to us. Once we have received the proofs we’ll post photos of them as a special “more graphic” update. Also, the printer is preparing the printing schedule which we will share with you in a future update. For more information, check out the latest updates to the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition Kickstarter page.

Glorantha Comes Home
Greg Stafford’s mythic setting of Glorantha predates Chaosium and the company was actually founded to produce the first game set in Glorantha – the boardgame White Bear & Red Moon.

After 17 years away, Glorantha is now returning home. With Moon Design Publications part of the Chaosium ownership group, Chaosium is now the licensed publisher for HeroQuest, RuneQuest, 13th Age in Glorantha, and other products related to the Gloranthan universe.

The next Gloranthan book will be Home of the Brave, the first book in the Coming Storm campaign series. It uses the HeroQuest Glorantha rules system to bring your characters into a two-book epic adventure arc with werewolves, the King of the Ghouls, Chaos monsters, and fantastic heroquests, culminating with the liberation of Sartar.

13th Age in Glorantha, by Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet, and Jeff Richard, is nearing completion, as is the Gloranthan Sourcebook by Jeff Richard.

Next year will see a new edition of RuneQuest, written by Pete Nash, Lawrence Whitaker, and Jeff Richard, and once again firmly based in Glorantha.

We’ll have plenty more Gloranthan news in future newsletters!

Awards, awards, awards!
GenCon was pretty momentous and not just because we announced the new Chaosium management. Chaosium hauled in the awards!
Horror on the Orient Express nominated for four ENnie Awards, came home with the Gold for Best Adventure and the Silver for Best Production Values!
The Guide to Glorantha came home with the big award – the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming! It was also nominated for four ENnie Awards and came back with the Silver for Best Cartography!

Prince of Sartar web-comic
Did you know that Glorantha has its own web-comic Prince of Sartar, by Kalin Kadiev and Jeff Richard? Each week, we’ll be ending this newsletter with the newest episode – if you aren’t familiar with Prince of Sartar, check it out at http://www.princeofsartar.com and start from the beginning!
NOTE: Prince of Sartar contains deities, demigods, occasional nudity, blood, and violence. It may not be safe for work!

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