March to Oblivion, March 12, 2016

By Published On: January 10, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 9:00am – 11:00PM at Interaction Theatre, Saint John, NB
A full Day of Gaming for $10
Parking lot accessible from Queen Square or on Street

The time has come again for another great day of gaming with Impossible Realities!

There will be games running from 9:00AM until 11:00PM on Saturday, March 12, 2016!

To reserve a spot for your game contact the Impossible Realities Facebook page, Steve Henderson or Dana Betts. February 29th will be the last day we will be updating the official schedule, after this you can post your own sign up sheet on the day of the event.

Vendors (confirmed)
Steeped Tea with Alicia – Amber Leighton
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – Sue Henneberry
Dragonspire Clayworks – Amber Mason and Tina Voutour
Nikki-Lee Dyckow
Hippie Comfort Crochet – Jessica Terri Jean Lapointe
Knot So Nerdy Designs – Julie Ralston Henderson
Nerdities – Amanda Evans*

Play to Win:
Boss Monster with expansion – Brotherwise Games
Boss Monster 2 – Brotherwise Games
Eight Minute Empire: Legends with expansion – Red Raven Games

Schedule as of March 8, 2016:
Pathfinder Society – Tony Spence

Board Game Blitz – Patrick Whitaker and Justin Price
Dragon Age RPG : A Childs Mind – Corey Depres
4-6 players. Characters provided.
DnD 5th Edition – Ryan Finn
DDEX3-05: Bane of the Tradeways – Ryan Finn
(3-4 hour adventure) Levels 1-4:
6 Players max, Pregens available
Times are hard in the Hillsfar countryside, especially for those of non-human ancestry. Unscrupulous merchants in league with the hated Red Plumes bleed local farmers and artisans dry. Perhaps some of those loot-laden caravans coming and going from Hillsfar could use a bit of liberation?

X-Wing Miniatures Free For All
Build 2 35pt Squads. Each squad will consist of 1 ship and upgrades. No duplicate Cards or Pilots. (If you have limited Pilots/Upgrades, we can work around this)
All players will play on the same map. (Size will depend on numbers) Each player will play 1 squad, until it’s eliminated. Then at the start of the next round, your 2nd squad will be deployed.
Points will be awarded for Kills only.
Initiative order will be decided at the start of the game. Based on Build total, and then for ties, we will have dice rolls.
Squads can/will be provided for new players, and it’s a great way to learn the game.

DDAL 4-01 “Suits of the Mist” – Tom Henderson
Part A : 9:30-10:30A
Part B : 10:45-11:45A
Part C : 1 – 2P
Part D : 2:15-3:15P
Part E : 3:30-4:30P
Strange things are afoot in the Moonsea. The factions have called all those willing and able to investigate strange occurrences in the region surrounding Phlan. Dark whispers and unseen terrors lurk in the misty shadows between this world and someplace much more sinister. Unveil the horrors before it is too late! Part one of Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts. Level 1-2 character according to the season 4 player guide (soon to be released by Pregens will be available. While these are somewhat connected mini-modules, you do not have to play them in any order or sequence. Player limits 3-6 per session

1:30 PM
“The Lost Valley” D&D 3.5 – Donna Nutter
“It is 1895. Why has the Cabal of the White Rose summoned you? Are you brave enough to find out?” A Masque of the Red Death style adventure.
Maximum of 6 players. Experience not required. Characters will be provided.
BattleTech Free for All – Darren Drew
-Any NON UNIQUE, Inner Sphere Introductory tech level mech.
-Up to Succession Wars (renaissance) era
– Pilot skills to be adjusted based on mech chassis size.
-Points awarded for mech kills, and last man standing.
If there are any questions concerning mech suitability, check out: or contact Darren Drew on FB
Ticket to Ride – Justin Doyle
Pathfinder Society – Terrance McCallum
Magic the Gathering Booster Draft – Brian Smart
Funemployed – Ray Saulnier

Call of Cthulhu Redux – Dana Betts
DnD 5th Edition – Ryan Finn
DDAL: Death House – Ryan Finn
2nd Block: (4 hour adventure) Levels 1-4
6 Players max, Pregens available
The woods are quiet this night, and the air grows chill. Your fire sputters as a low mist gathers around the edges of your camp, growing closer as the night wears on. By morning, the fog hangs thick in the air, turning the trees around you into gray ghosts. Then you notice these are not the same trees that surrounded you the night before.
Pathfinder Society – David Glassford
Terra Mystica – Steve Henderson
Ex Arcana LARP – Chris Duffield

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