March to Oblivion 2017… with cosplay!

By Published On: February 28, 2017

March To Oblivion 2017
Impossible Realities once again presents March To Oblivion!
Saturday, March 11 at 9 AM – 11 PM
$10 for a full day of gaming with a bunch of amazing people!

InterAction School of Performing Arts
228 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 2G4

Schedule to be updated as we hear from Game Masters. To reserve a spot for your game contact the Impossible Realities Facebook page, Steve Henderson or Dana Betts. March 4th will be the last day we will be updating the official schedule, after this you can post your own sign up sheet on the day of the event.

Expect to see added
Board Game Blitz
Magic the Gathering
Dungeons & Dragons (including Adventurers League)
Cosplay and FREE photographer

Many other Board, Card and Roleplaying games!

Atlas Games
Brotherwise Games
Catalyst Games
Chaosium (;,;)
CheapAss Games
Dreamscape Design
Evil Hat Productions
Flying Buffalo Games
Hero Games
Heroes’ Beacon
Game Crafters
Geb Bernard (aka Lady Dovelle)
Iron Wind Metals
Monolith Graphics
Mayday Games
Nox Arcana
Numbskull Games
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Privateer Press
Rite Publishing
Shades of Vengeance

Vendors (confirmed)
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – Sue Henneberry
Nikki-Lee Dyckow
Dragonspire Clayworks – Amber Masson and Tina Voutour
Nerdities – Amanda Evans
Cosplay Chef – Shannon “Reaper” Milne
The Canadian Pixelated Dream – Tara Fleet
Mistreeena – Megan JM
Geeky Sundries – Drew Thornton

Play to Win:
King of Tokyo
The Undercity
Smash Up (with obligatory Cthulhu Set)
Kittens in a Blender (with MORE Kittens in a Blender)
Pandemic Cthulhu
And more to be announced…

Schedule: (All game details are at the bottom of the page)
***All day***
Play Ghostbusters with a Ghostbuster!
Cosplay and FREE photographer!

Free photographer available from 9am-2pm. To arrange times outside of these hours please contact

9:00AM –
Pathfinder Society “08-08 Tyrant of Winds Part 1″, 2 Tables, Levels 1 to 5” (9-11 players) – Tony Spence / Rick Doucette
DC Deckbuilding 4 rounds (Original, Heroes Unite, Teen Titans and Forever Evil) – Steve Henderson
King of Tokyo tournament 12 players – Ray Saulnier

D&D Adventure League – “DDAL00-01 Window Into The Past” – Ryan Finn

10:00AM –
Firefly (4 Players, I slot taken) – Chris Fougere
Imperial Assault (Mini-Campaign) – Stephen Jackman
BattleTech Mega Tournament – Jarrid Brooks Runs until 5PM
The Lord Of the Rings board game (up to 10 people) – Sue Henneberry

Power Grid Brazil map 6 players – Ray Saulnier
Geek Jeopardy – Shelby Deluney

Dresden Files Co-operative Card Game – Mike Allain
Cosplay on a Budget (panel) Open discussion for tricks and tips – Beckie Graves

Star Trek Adventures (5 Players) – Chris Fougere
Pathfinder Society “08-10 Tyrant of Winds Part 2”, Levels 1 to 5, (9 -11 players) – Terrance McCallum / David Glassford
Board Game Blitz – Jeff McNally
D&D 3.5 “Mystery of the Haunted Mine” – Donna Nutter
Shadowrun – Andrew Kelly

Le Havre 5 players – Ray Saulnier
Costume Contest

D&D Adventurers League – Patrick Smith

Creating a duct tape dress form (panel) – Tara Fleet

Pandemic 4 players – Ray Saulnier
Geek Jeopardy – Shelby Deluney

Stone Age 4 players – Ray Saulnier
D&D Adventure League – “DDAL05-11 Forgetten Traditions “ – Ryan Finn
Armour for the Average Costumer (panel) – Alaurea Ainsworth

6:30PM –
Call of Cthulhu (Redux for players who have missed past events), (6 players) – “The House at the End of the World” – Dana Betts
Call of Cthulhu for new players, (6 players) – “Roaches Check In” Corey Depres
Vampire the Masquerade LARP (Setup, then 7PM Start) – Vanessa Klohn/David Glassford
Pathfinder Society “08-12 Tyrant of Winds Part 3”, Levels 3 to 7, (5-6 players) – Brandon Spence
Magic Conspiracy Draft – Rob Watters/Matt Stroud
Mansions of Madness (5 Players) – Jenn Duke

From Fantasy Face to Film Festivals (panel) – Kadi Oram

Star Realms 4 players – Ray
Cosplay Safety and durability at Cons (panel) – Tara Fleet

Summoner Wars 2 players – Ray Saulnier

Hero Realms 4 players – Ray Saulnier

Do You Worship Cthulhu – Dana Betts For those players so nice enough to help pack up and get things ready for loading, and frankly don’t want the fun to end.

*****Game Details*****
King of Tokyo tournament 12 players – Ray Saulnier
– Two rounds if number of players is there.
– Clay figures for winners of each table.
– Clay figures created by Dragonspire Clayworks

D&D Adventure League – Ryan Finn
DDAL00-01 Window Into The Past
Tier 2 (Lvs. 5-10) – 6 Players MAX
When a Thayan research expedition returns from the Glacier of the White Wyrm with only two survivors that are reduced to whispering about an ancient pyramid under the ice, perhaps it is time to discover just what scares the life out of a nation of necromancers.
Imperial Assault (Mini-Campaign) – Stephen Jackman. 2 campaigns with 3 missions each. This should run 6-8 hours

DDAL05-01 Treasure of the Broken Hoard – Patrick Smith
A famous relic hunter seeks adventurers to help her find caches of treasure hidden by the now-defeated followers of the Cult of the Dragon. Her maps and notes may lead the way to great wealth—or a terrible death. And do other parties have designs on the treasure as well?
Characters of Level 1 OR 2 (pregens provided)

BattleTech Tournament Rules
Battletech Inner Sphere Grand Melee
Start time is 10am but I will give a bit extra time just to make sure everyone can show up. Max time would be 10:30am. Break is at 1pm to 2pm. The game will end at 5:30pm so whoever has the most points at that point wins even if there are mechs still on the field of battle.
Rules for the Grand Melee
1. Standard tech level up to 3067. No unique designs or variance
2. Inner Sphere
3. Tonnage from 20 to 75 tons
4. Most points win the game. How to earn a point is last mech alive gets one point and a kill earns you a point.
5. Head hunter. This is something fun a different. At the start of the game, each player will draw a random name out of a hat. Now the person you draw is you special target. If you kill your target, you get the point for the kill plus an extra point for killing your target.
Now if your target failed to kill his target that name is now passed on to you. So you’re free to kill his target and get the benefit of the extra point. Now this can only happen if you kill your target so you just can’t kill someone and expect to take his target. It doesn’t work that way; hence, headhunter rule.
6. Gunnery and piloting is standard so 4/5
7. Inferno rounds and lbx weapons are allowed but that’s it, just standard ammo
8. Targeting computer is allowed and TSM
9. The GM has final say no matter what.

D&D 3.5 “Mystery of the Haunted Mine” – Donna Nutter
“It is 1892. Why has the Cabal of the White Rose summoned you? Are you brave enough to find out?” A Masque of the Red Death style adventure. Characters will be provided. Maximum of 6 players. Experience not required.

D&D Adventure League – “DDAL05-11 Forgetten Traditions “ – Ryan Finn
Tier 2 (Lvs. 5-10) – 6 Players MAX
The origin of runes has long been lost to the majority of sages and wizards, save those with giant blood. However, with the shattering of the Ordning, the magic of runes has once again emerged into the Realms. Adventurers must delve into a ruined complex beneath the Spine of the World, suspected by SEER to be the birthplace of that arcane tradition.

Call Of Cthulhu – “The House at the End of the World” – Dana Betts
A Special Forces patrol deep in the Afghan mountains, searching for an elusive Al-Qaeda unit, pursues them to the end of the world and into the depths of horror and madness from which very few ever return.

How many can say they’ve played Ghostbusters with a Ghostbuster? Well now you can! With the addition of cosplay to this years event, March to Oblivion, Impossible Realities is excited to announce that The Maritime Ghostbusters will be joining us as our special guests. You can check out their facebook page at or Shelby Deluney

AND AND AND Cosplay and FREE photographer!!!

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