IR16: Canada @ Midnight

By Published On: July 19, 2017

Canada @ Midnight Live Action Role Playing Club:
House of Dark Tidings, Saint John, NB
Presents: Vampire the Masquerade – Friday & Saturday Evenings:

The city of Saint John is controlled by the mysterious Sunlight Oil on the surface and the mafia in the seedy underbelly beneath it. The creatures of the night have recently moved into the city, and wish to try to take it’s power for themselves.
Prince Elder Mason of Clan Ventrue has invited kindred to come celebrate his Millennial Birthday with a Ball on Saturday Night.

This event must occur without any interference from outside forces. The security of this important event must be secured. (Friday Night)

Come join the fun! No Character NO PROBLEM! There are NPCs available to play. 🙂 Want to make a character for the game? Feel free to contact me!

Happy Gaming!
Story Teller (ADST) : Ness Klohn

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