MEGACIVILIZATION up-to-18-player tournament at IR16, Sept 9, 2017

By Published On: July 28, 2017

MEGACIVILIZATION UP-TO-18-PLAYER TOURNAMENT at IR16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void

Impossible Realities is proud to announce that it has Megacivilization, the true heir to Avalon Hill’s classic build your empire and technology game Advanced Civilization EXCEPT UPDATED AND MUCH LARGER, spanning from Britain to the far side of India!!!!! We will be hosting an all day tournament Saturday at IR16: Paradigm Shifting in the Void, Sept 8-10th, 2017, Saint John, NB.

Details can be also found here.

Yes this monster will take 12 hours or more to play so this is a game for the hardcore. I’m working on a suitable swag prize for the ultimate winner, and house/tournament rules will be made available ahead of time (such as no liquidating your entire empire and sacking someone just to throw the entire game, and other total sleaze moves.

Feeling lucky Caesar?

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