March To Oblivion, March 10th, 2018

By Published On: March 4, 2018

March To Oblivion 2018
Impossible Realities once again presents March To Oblivion!
Saturday, March 10 at 9 AM – 11 PM
$10 for a full day of gaming with a bunch of amazing people!

InterAction School of Performing Arts
228 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 2G4

Schedule to be updated as we hear from Game Masters. To reserve a spot for your game contact the Impossible Realities Facebook page, Steve Henderson or Dana Betts. March 3rd will be the last day we will be updating the official schedule, after this you can post your own sign up sheet on the day of the event.

Expect to see added
Catan National Championship Qualifier
Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament
Board Game Blitz
BattleTech Grand Melee
Dungeons & Dragons (including Adventurers League)
Pokemon Expanded Tournament
Many other Board, Card and Roleplaying games!

Games Information Link:

Games and Cosplay Schedule

Lady Dovelle / Geb Bernard
Chaos Marmoset / Dana Betts
Blue Panther LLC
Brotherwise Games
Chaosium Inc.
Chaotic Shiny Productions
CheapAss Games
Dice Candies
Dreamscape Design
Elzra Corp.
Flying Buffalo Inc
Heroes’ Beacon
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Rio Grand Games
Stonemaier Games
The Impossible Dream
Red Raven Games

BreeBee – Sabrina Barrett Patey
Get Creative with LacyLola – Lola Gordon
Nerdites – Amanda Evans
Hippie Comfort Crochet – Jessica Terri Jean Lapointe
Hellhag Productions / Flying Elk Photography (Author and Photographer) – A.E. Hellstorm
Know So Nerdy Designs – Julie Ralston Henderson
Sue’s Crochet Crafts – Sue Henneberry and Julie Matchett

Play to Win:
Lord of the Fries – CheapAss Games
Give Me The Brain – CheapAss Games
Pairs – CheapAss Games
Boss Monster: Next Level with Paper and Pixels expansion + Tools of Hero-Kind Expansion – Brotherwise Games
Unleashed RPG Game Adventure Kit – Privateer Press
Tarantula Tango – Heroes’ Beacon
Pixel tactics – Geb Bernard
Cauldron – Heroes’ Beacon
Hive: Carbon – Geb Bernard
Phase (AEG Black Box 2016) – Geb Bernard
Unspeakable Words – Geb Bernard
Paper – Geb Bernard
Klondike Rush – Red Raven Games
Water Balloon Washout – Shelby Deluney

Schedule: (All game details are at the bottom of the page)
Catan National Championship Qualifier
Pathfinder #1 “Birthright Betrayal” – Tony Spence
Champion of the People (CCC-LINKS-01) D&D 5e – Patrick Smith
At Death’s End (A Sulphur Winter Adventure) – Mikael Hellstrom
Shadowrun – Andrew Kelly
DC Deckbuilder Multiverse – Scott Brownlee

9:30 AM
BattleTech Grand Melee – Darren Drew

Pokemon Expanded Tournament – Chas Goguen
“London’s Foggy Streets” D&D 3.5 – Donna Nutter
Pathfinder #2 “The Shores of Heaven” – Rick Doucette
Delta Green – Mikael Hellstrom
Magic The Gathering Draft Tournament – Steve Henderson
Star Wars RPG – Steven Jackman
Kitten Board Game Extravaganza – Cori Brownlee

Board Game Blitz – Steve Henderson
Call of Cthulhu Redux: “Pacific Sunsets” – Dana Betts
Call of Cthulhu Redux: “Lost Eons” – Corey Despres
Pathfinder #3 “Signs in Senghor” – Terrance McCullum

10:00PM (the late late slot for those people who haven’t dropped yet, or want to leave yet)
Do You Worship Cthulhu – Dana Betts

Games Information Link:


COSPLAY PANEL: Do-It-Yourself Colouring
9AM in the Theatre, 1 hour – Paprika Cosplay Studio

COSPLAY PANEL: Do-It-Yourself Anime Poster
10AM in the Theatre, 1 hour – Paprika Cosplay Studio

COSPLAY PANEL: Do-It-Yourself Unlimited Perler Beads
11AM in the Theatre, 1.5 hour – Paprika Cosplay Studio

COSPLAY PANEL: So You Want To Cosplay
1PM in the Theatre – BreeBee

5:30PM in the Theatre – BreeBee

COSPLAY PANEL: Amp Your Cosplay With Hollywood
7:30PM in the Theatre – Kadi Oram

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