Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY Guest Ty Odinson

By Published On: January 24, 2019

I was going to wait a few days before posting our next special guest (and good friend of mine), but Sabrina is just BUSTING with excitement to get the info out, so here it is: Ty Odinson!

Impossible Realities presents: COS-ALITY at March to Oblivion 2019

Ty Odinson is a Cosplayer based out of Quispamsis, New Brunswick. He loves attending Cons and meeting new people. He has often been classified as a very social geek, and loves to cosplay in groups. He is most known for his Thor Ragnarok cosplay. He has also cosplayed as Ryu from Street Fighter, Eggsy from Kingsmen, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Episode III.

His future projects for 2019 include: An Armored version of Arsenal from the DC Universe, and Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Ty is a huge nerd, loves cosplay, video games, board games, comics, anime, and fitness!

He loves meeting and chatting with new people so don’t be shy to come say hello to Ty at March to Oblivion. This is his first appearance as a Cosplay Guest and he is honored that his debut gets to be in his hometown at Impossible Realities.

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