IR #19 Just Added!

By Published On: July 17, 2020

Two D&D AL adventure offerings from Ryan Brown and a Space Themed Call of Cthulhu:

DDHC-TOA-02 The Tortle Package (lvs. 1-4)

Synopsis: Built by tortles, the palace is a sturdy, multilevel stone edifice with terraces carved out of the mountainside. Its name, Dangwaru, loosely translates to “high home” in Aquan. No one remembers the name of the cleric for whom the palace was built.

CCC-CNE-01 The Treasure Beneath (lvs. 5-10)

Synopsis: A mysterious location has been uncovered and a group of adventurers are tasked with charting a ship onto the Moonsea. There they begin their underwater quest to find the treasures of the Lost City of Northkeep, facing an assortment of deep-sea challenges and enemies.

The End Times Monograph – Call of Cthulhu

Synopsis: You play humans on a space cruiser, where you meet an enemy ship and encounter startling information which could end the remaining humans once and for all. Can you pick through the clues and save humanity from extinction in this futuristic, space travel scenario.

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