Impossible Realities #19: Brace for Impact Offering Showcase

By Published On: September 4, 2020

Fatum Sperantia: A Love Story – (Aquelarre) – Act 1 of 3 on Saturday 9AM (FULL)
Fatum Sperantia: A Love Story – (Aquelarre) – Act 2 of 3 on Sunday 9AM (2 Spots left)
Fatum Sperantia: A Love Story – (Aquelarre) – Act 3 of 3 at Enbicon ( (Registration now open)

Two star-crossed lovers, angels separated by the War in Heaven, mortal bodies were a blessing. A rare chance to experience their deep, eternal love. But now, a miraculous event has drawn the gaze of Lucifer and the Archangel Michael himself, and the forces of both Heaven and Hell are marshalling against these two divine beings bound in sin and flesh…Fatum Sperantia is an adventure of the Aquelarre roleplaying game. Translated for the original Spanish, the player characters will encounter fugitives on the run from Heaven and Hell alike, and must aid them if they wish to avert a catastrophic war, the likes of which the cosmos have only seen once…

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