Impossible Realities #21 Damage Control, Hybrid Con Sept 9-11, 2022

By Published On: July 6, 2022

We are based at the InterAction School of the Performing Arts, 228 Germain Street in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST). We’re 5 weeks from IR#21: Damage Control, so you know what that means.


Big news includes many games being offered in person AND online… because you asked for it!

TWENTY Play-to-Win games added to the schedule.

Cos-Ality is “free-range cosplay” so show up and show us what you have been working on. WE WANNA SEEEEEEEE!!! If you wish to be showcased, we’ll be happy to put a spotlight on you and your work.

THE LEGEND RETURNS! You’ll know it when you hear it… FRENZYYYY is making a return to the gaming floor so warm up that lash and prepare whip your beast.Plenty of RPG’s for Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, KULT and so much more.

There is a Board Game Blitz, and that soul bending endurance tournament: MEGACIVILIZATION returns.

GM’s, volunteers, and vendors – get your information into us NOW NOW NOW so we can get even MORE offerings for everyone.

Take a look at our current game lineup for IN-PERSON and ONLINE for Impossible Realities #21: Damage Control (Hybrid Con)

Currently scouting for GMs and Vendors:…/impossible-realities-damage…

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