Big news announcement

By Published On: February 3, 2023

Hi everyone!

With Offline Boardgame Café starting up operations soon, Impossible Realities in partnership with Offline Boardgame Café and Heroes Beacon will announce that March to Oblivion will be moving to Offline’s new location at 212 McAllister Place in the Parkway Mall almost next door to Cora’s.

There is much to look forward to with this announcement:We will have Offline’s on-site kitchen and snacks available to the guests with access to many nearby restaurants, but please no outside food or drinks are allowed to come in. Offline will have the video game couch set up as well as Maritime Foam operating their Nerf competition area. For future events, Offline also has access to a gym facility located in the inner mall court. We anticipate its usage for MORE vendor and cosplay space. Offline also has access to ample mall parking for EVERYONE!

For those of you coming in from out of town and are looking for accommodations, contact Susan Pass who has available AirBNB spaces through Rhubarb Watermelon, as well as we are looking into discounts at nearby motels and hotels on the east side.

Heroes Beacon will be selling games and other things from their uptown store as your onsite boardgames and RPG supplier. We are also reaching out to other regional game stores for interest in a game stores alliance for sales and demo spaces.

Finally, after 20 years of operations, Impossible Realities will have to increase our door prices to take into account increased operating costs and expenses, with the potential to invite out of town guests for cosplay and game companies and celebrities in the future. Our March to Oblivion door fee will be going up to $15 and September’s main event is likely to raise by a similar amount.

Other things being worked on in the background between now and out MtO 2023 event are discounts with east side stores like Fabricville and Michaels for the cosplayers, and restaurants for our guests. Further operations will be expanding with Twitch streaming, Extra Life and other charities. We hope this news excites you as much as it does us as we move into the next twenty years of operations.

Looking forward to gaming and cosplaying with you, the IR Operating Executives.

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