IR #23: New Horizons

By Published On: May 12, 2024

Welcome to our 23rd year of operations! Impossible Realities Gaming and Cosplay Convention presents IR #23: New Horizons, September 7-8, 2024 at Offline Board Game Cafe in Saint John, NB., located at the Parkway Mall.

Impossible Realities is a smaller, more intimate event with board gaming and role playing games, with cosplay showcases and vendors, with Play To Win titles for you to try and take home, courtesy of our sponsors. Perfect for those of you who prefer a more relaxed, less overwhelming venue. We’ve kept it this way because we believe that affordability and your playing enjoyment comes first.

Use the QR code below, or find us on Warhorn for upcoming details.






To add to our great news, Evil Genius Games is our first sponsor on our list, offering a great prize package for swag and Play to Win!  Check them out at

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