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Lead up to March to Oblivion 2023! Horror Style! Heroes’ Beacon

As part of the lead up to March. 11th, we have rented out Heros Beacon Fantasy Room and Ryan Finn is looking to offer a Tabletop-RPG game March. 10th from 6pm-10pm.

He mainly runs horror, so if anyone wanted to try out this scenario below, please respond in comments…..It is a Modern Day Horror Slasher 😃If you usually watch these as movies, well come on down and be in that kind of movie!!! 🥳 (ending may be bleak)—Desert Whispers – KULT Divinity Lost (Rated-R – Adult Themes)

A long weekend in Juarez, Mexico. A swinging party where nothing is forbidden. In the cold night of the desert, who will save you from your host, your friends, or even yourself? The characters stumble upon a gathering of weird beasts in this intense slasher tale!

Looking for 3-4 players.